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When in Jodhpur I can’t wander into Topshop, H&M or the little boutiques that line the streets to have a look around, I’m yet to find a shop that sells VOGUE or ELLE, most of the locals wear similar attire and so as much as I love Indian dress, I’ve had to start getting my western fashion fixes in new ways. When working on events this is pretty easy, most of the women I’ve seen have been walking billboards for high fashion, happy to show me their 5 inch Valentinos whilst they climb up to the top of a medieval fort, but when in the office I’ve had to find new ways to try and keep up. So, belatedly joining the band wagon, I’ve started looking for new fashion blogs to follow on a regular basis. So I thought I’d write short pieces on fashionblogs that I’ve enjoyed, been indifferent to or really not rated in the hope of keeping myself in the loop. The Internet truly is a godsend.

LLG in Harper's Bazaar.

LLG in Harper’s Bazaar.

Liberty London Girl:

Among the rare fashion bloggers that can truly say it has followers in the thousands, Liberty London Girl (aka. Sasha Wilkins) describes herself as a writer-blogger-journalist-broadcaster-editor-stylist-brand consultant and splits her time between NYC and LDN town. Described by The Evening Standard as among the London’s 1000 most influential people, she has over 73,000 followers on twitter, been part of Hunter wellies and Diesel campaigns and has carved herself a seat among Londons fashion elite.  What I really like about this blog is that it makes fashion very accessible, mixing a selection of high street and designer recommendations (LLG is a big fan of Whistles it turns out) and accenting fashion picks with behind the scene photo galleries, hotel reviews, food ideas, design discussions and reading lists from Amazon. LLG also just seems really relatable herself, in a kind of I’m-cool-and-fun-but-not-insane kind of way (something that is probably rarer than you think in the fashion blogosphere). She doesn’t fall into the familiar trap of selecting clothes for the shock factor like many bloggers, but makes stylish choices which simply put, look good and don’t make her look like an oversized lemon. Her write ups are enjoyable to read and often quite funny too, whilst she consistently hits the trends spot on. For proof, check out what she wore to LFW in February and consider what people are wearing now almost 10 months later. A true london darling : check out her blog here http://www.libertylondongirl.com/.

Sasha Wilkins // London Liberty Girl. Photo from Curtis Brown.

Sasha Wilkins // London Liberty Girl. Photo from Curtis Brown.

Oh and she likes Daschunds. Win.


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