Once upon a Blog: FACEHUNTER

Street Style Blog : FACEHUNTER

Street Style Blog : FACEHUNTER

I love love love this blog. Not to be confused with the rubbish dance pop artist Basshunter, Face Hunter is at the fore of street style bloggers and I just can’t get enough of it. An afternoon is easily lost eternally scrolling down through the pages or running through series of posts on its sister site yvanrodic.com. Yvan Rodic, the man behind Face Hunter, created a fashion blog which takes pictures of stylish fashionistas worldwide on the street. But plenty of people do that right? So what makes him any different? Well although now a popular fashion blogging template, Face Hunter was actually among the first in the fashion blogosphere to take this approach which by now makes him an absolute pro, allowing him access to some of the world’s best dressed events and parties. Rodic’s bio on his site describes Yvan’s rise to blogging fame:

A born trend-spotter with a natural eye for photography, it was not long before he combined writing for magazines with snapping pictures of people at art events in his then home, Paris. In February 2006, almost casually, he began posting the results online: and just like that, Face Hunter was born.

Now he goes to all the major fashion weeks and seems to travelling to another point of the globe every other day. A direct result of this being that he catches different upcoming trends alongside a fusion of cultural influences, creating interesting and inspiring results. Personally I love going through the Manchester and London series, even if it just affords me a glimpse of home. A really really awesome blog, check it out. But make sure you have an hour or two to spare first…

The Frame – Giorgio Armani – Frames of Life from The Facehunter Show on Vimeo.

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