A Short Weekend in Amsterdam : Bloomin’ Marvellous

 Nursing another well deserved hangover, I forced myself and Simon out of bed early on Sunday morning in order to make it down to our lovely *freeeeee* breakfast in the Hostel. I did not for some reason clock that breakfast was free on the first day and quite frankly I’m not sure I had the physical capacity at the time (my sister very kindly brought me some in bed!), but I happily stuffed my face come Sunday. Our bikes rented the previous day, were still valid until 6pm that evening and so the plan for the day consisted of being massive tourists!

 First stop : Museumplein. It didn’t take us all too long to figure out that ‘plein’ is the dutch equivalent of sqaure or place and as you’ve probably guessed, this is where most of the major musuems are. Planning on taking the tourist route, we of course also had to stop for a picture at the I AMsterdam sign. One of those annoying areas where the sheer amount of tourists ruins the very thing that the tourists wanted to see in the first place, we luckily found the perfect photo opportunity when hailstones meant everyone else ran for cover. 


 Jumping back on our bikes (we were getting good at this lark) we then headed straight for Anne Frank House. We were aware that the queues were likely to be very very long (for future reference book online) but even we were taken a little by surprise when the queue went all the way down the street and round the corner. Conscious of time, we had to settle for a snap of the house from the outside and keep it on our to-do.


 After getting more than a little lost with our map and playing around at trying to see who could cycle in the most ridiculous manner possible, we finally made it to the Flower market. Overflowing with trinkets, bulbs and obligatory cannabis seeds, I really liked this part of town. The flowers hung down from the rafters and there was also lots of free cheese to be had, which is always a bonus!


 Once again grabbing the stragglers from the night before we headed off to a Pizzeria before having a final catch up over a beer in another part of town for a few hours. With a flight to catch, unfortunately we didn’t get much more time, but Amsterdam remains firmly on my list of cities to revisit!


Much love,

Liv x


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