All the Twos: Twentytwos and Tutus.

As some of you may or may not know, it was my birthday on the 5th of April and I turned the grand old age of twentytwo. Harnessing the urge to listen to Taylor Swift’s song ‘22’ and cry repeatedly into my chocolate brownies in memory of all things teenager, I decided to go and do something suitably grown up for my birthday in the absence of a good old house party, hence we went out to dinner and to watch the WA ballet.

‘BORING!’ I hear your inner adolescent cry. Why was all the booze? The partying? The cocktail sausages? Ah but your pubescent self is mistaken. Not so pimple faced friend. In fact, it was a very good night indeed!

First, to the food. After hearing lots of good things about Swallow Bar in Maylands, conveniently located down the road from the WA Ballet, this was our first port of call. A cute little restaurant, its one of those rare places that really seems to elevate naturally to becoming ‘a joint’, characteristically too unique to be classed as just a restaurant and too cool to be just a café. With seating composed from old railway compartments and a vintage decor, Swallow Bar doesn’t take reservations and its easy to see why. As a long corridor like space, you’re lucky if you can wangle a table and it’s all a matter of chance. Fortunately for us, Lady Luck was on the birthday girl’s side and we managed to grab a tiny little table just as we entered. The quirky atmosphere and tiny but delicious menu (one of those places where the drinks list outnumbers the edibles 10 to 1) made me think of romantic writers in French black and white flicks congregating by the bar. I went for a celebratory Kir Royale and as we were running late, grabbed the quickest thing on the menu – omelette. Simon went for a salami platter before we both had to peg it up towards the WA Ballet for the start of the show.

Drinks at Swallow Bar.

Drinks at Swallow Bar.

We’d booked two tickets to ‘Genesis’, a collection of pieces created by ten new choreographers within the ballet company and performed by their peers Now, seeing as my dancing ability resembles that of a caged animal that has suddenly been set free (manic and without direction) I really love the ballet, mainly because I could never in my wildest dreams hope to be as poised, graceful and strong as those very gifted men and women. There is something truly impressive about someone being able to be that in control of their body and its movement and dancers are most definitely athletes in their own right. The WA Ballet, as the oldest ballet company in Australia, certainly had no lack of athletic prowess. I sat there from start to finish, trying to decide which dancer I should focus upon, only to get drawn in by the next. The choreographers played around with different musical genres, emotions and even combined different dancing styles to create a great spectacle followed by a Q&A to finish. I think even Simon may have enjoyed himself, result!

So there we have it, a very different type of birthday celebration from the usual night in Burnley I would have had back at home, but a good one nonetheless. That said, I might have to save the party option for when I visit the UK in a week or so’s time….

Over and Out Amigos,

Liv xxx

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