Where does all the time go?

A sudden realisation came upon me this week for two reasons. The first was the arrival of the first day of March, the shortened February calendar meaning it crept up on me especially unexpectedly, and as I sat down to write the date at work I started to wonder where the last month had gone. The second was the very exciting news that one of my best friends is heading off to Uganda for three months in a very typical spur of the moment fashion, without any idea where he’ll be staying or what exactly he’ll be doing, but going and doing it anyway. My initial thought was ‘How exciting!’ and I proceeded to Skype him and tell him how much fun he’s going to have (he will) but my second was ‘Oh – am I making the most of my own time away?’.

In a lot of ways I’m pretty sure that I am, I’m having lots of fun, I love living with Simon and a part of my family who I hardly ever get to see back in Blighty and Australia itself is just beauts. However since starting working Monday to Friday, I’ve inevitably slotted myself into a nice familiar little routine at an alarmingly fast rate. I get up at 6:45 (okay, more like 7am most days), get ready, walk to the station, catch the train to work for 9am, work through til 4pm, catch the train back for 5pm, go swimming for an hour and then use the rest of the evening to do whatever I want to do. It doesn’t bother me having a routine, in a lot of ways I thrive off it. I also love going swimming in the big outdoor pool every day after work – especially when it’s been really hot and sticky all day! But I certainly don’t think I’m the first or the last person to observe that time goes a hell of a lot quicker that way.

So I have made a little pact with myself this week. From now on I’m going to try to do as many ‘Australia’ things as I possibly can. When I set down in Australia I almost needed a little bit of a break from proper travelling, I’d seen so many tourist spots they almost started to look similar to one another, I absolutely loved having somewhere to call home for a bit! But now I’m maybe going a bit far the other way, treating this a little bit too much like my home and forgetting that I only have a limited amount of time here.  As fun as it is to go shopping, go out and have a good time generally, I could probably go and do these things in any city of the world… so what can I do that I can only do here? (FYI shopping will always remain on the menu).

So… suggestions please people!

What should I do that I definitely could not do whilst in England? I’ve already got tickets to go and see the Lions whilst they’re here in WA, I’m going to Future Music festival tomorrow  and I’m trying to make as much of the sunshine and the environment as I can! I’ve been to the Zoo, Aquarium and want to try to head over to Rottnest within the near future. I’ve also got free tix to a big foodie festival next week (one of the perks of the job). The plan is to head over to Sydney and Melbourne once the Rugby season is over too! Help would be much appreciated 🙂  I’ll go, enjoy it and blog it as proof!

Over and out amigos,

Liv xxx

2 responses to “Where does all the time go?

  1. where to go? blue mountains near sydney. also go up the east coast as far as you can. Fraser Island and the Whitsundays are absolute musts. And learn to scuba dive, preferably on the Great Barrier Reef off Cairns. It’s a long, long way from Sydney, but def worth doing. So jealous that you are out in Oz still even more jealous it is during Super Rugby season (Simon will prob appreciate it more…), I want to go back so bad! xx

    • Thanks for the tips Mark! I’d love to learn to scuba dive… is it expensive? It’s worth it I suppose but might have to save up a bit!! I know, I’ll have to brush up on my Super Rugby info before the match 🙂 hope you’re well xx

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