Valentines Day, short shorts and a bit of Aussie Rules.

G’day mates,

Today will be a flying update – as I am officially knackered but the guilt of not posting for so long is getting to me! Thus, please accept my humble offering of a photo diary summarising the last few days. After a lovely valentines day on thursday, we went to the footy in Subiaco, saw some art at Perth Festival, have been swimming and cycling heaps and went to watch some free music at the lovely Fremantle Arts Centre in the sunshine. All in all, a very good chilled out weekend. Love yas! Liv xxx


Bikes are by far the quickest and cheapest way to get around. Plus in 40 degree heat you can even make your own breeze! Wahoo. Here’s me catching Simon completely off guard…




One thing 40 degree heat does create however is incredible sunsets. We caught this beauty from our balcony after a long hard day at the pub.


Can’t come to Aus and not go see some footy right? Right. Thus, with my Uncle being an Eagles Fan, I ignored the fact we are in Freo and should support the Dockers and decided Eagles would be our team. To cement this, I bought Si this hat.


Okay so the hat was actually for Valentines Day. Here we are having fun in ‘Mexican Kitchen’ off the main street…


Time for mullets, shortshorts and supertight tank tops… Footy time!


Can you guess who we were rooting for?


I loved watching the footy (geniunely). Great place to get a tan too!


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