Once upon a blog: Park & Cube.

 I have a confession to make: I’m a little bit addicted to Park & Cube.

Born in Seoul, raised in Warsaw and now London based, Shini Park is a Graphic designer and writer behind the fashion blog, Park & Cube. The blog was launched in November 2008, consisting mainly of her photography and personal thoughts on topics ranging from fashion to food. Shini also is an ardent explorer of secret hideouts in London and fashion Fashion DIY projects. After graduating Central Saint Martins, Park now works as a web designer and photographer for Editer.com – About, ParkandCube.com

First off, although I came to this site looking for fashion – and a fashion blog it is in so many ways – I’d like to say Park&Cube is more like a blog devoted to all things beautiful. Shini Park covers all types of subjects, whether it be food, travel, photography or fashion – garnished with occasional snippets of her love for Sims3 – and does it all in such a stunningly immaculate manner that its as more-ish as a good bag of crisps. ‘Immaculate’ may seem like an odd turn of phrase to describe a blog, but that’s exactly what it is; clean, fresh, minimalist without sacrificing detail for the sake of it. Add to this the fact that her photography skills are top notch and one could be pulled in by the visuals of her blog alone.

Park&Cube: ‘Coming of Age’. The Diana Memorial Fountain. Lush,lush,lush. (Photo from Park&Cube).

Park&Cube: ‘Rebel Thoughts’. I saw this in vegetarian Jodhpur and almost wanted to cry. I never thought I’d say it but: Beef, I miss you. (Picture by Shini Park, from Park&Cube).

Fortunately however, Shini’s creative eye is also matched by her wit, humour and tasteful writing style. She’s authorative and knows what she likes whilst simultaneously not taking herself too seriously. Which other fashion bloggers do you know out there who would openly admit to not looking perfect all the time, write that she had reached criminal career level 11 in Sims3 or confess she was on her way to demolishing her advent calendar early? Not many. Park & Cube is a creative, fun space in the blogosphere. Listed as one of Company Magazine’s Superbloggers in their January 2013 issue, I now check Park & Cube daily for new updates and I  probably get a wee bit too excited when I see there’s new content, to the point where I’ve now started to try and go through the archives*. The content is accessible and easy to connect with, which is possibly one of the reasons why I like it so much. Add that to magnificent snaps of LDN everywhere you look  and it acts as a perfect remedy to being so far away from home.

If I was to try and summarise :

Park&Cube lets me stay in the creative loop, without making me feel like an outsider.

Highly Recommended!




ps. Sims3 is awesome.

*So far has this gone, I have also found Shini’s older site she used for her Graphic Design BA at Central St.Martins (sparkymalarkey), an interesting insight!

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