Unexpected and Colourful Outcomes

I don’t think anyone can deny that India is a land overflowing with unexpected outcomes and scenarios. From the man taking his elephant down Delhi’s busiest motorway (something my mother and father had the pleasure to witness earlier today) to the street-kid who turns out to be a mini-genius in the making, or from my own simple and easily pleased perspective, the birthday candle shaped like a lotus candle which plays music and opens into another load of tiny little candles as soon as its lit, India is constantly full of surprises. Plus, not always in the ways you expect. Turns out, by picking myself up and placing myself in one of the craziest places on the planet I’ve been endowed with a sudden craving for increased creativity. Something that makes me happier inside than words could justify I think! The first step was reinvogorating my blog (something which I’ve had for over a year now), then the caricatures for work and now painting, an activity I haven’t participated in over 7 years. In a pleasant turn of events, it’s a bit like riding a bike! I still love it as much as I always did and although I’m a bit rusty, I’m really enjoying doing something a million miles away from Oxford essays and tute deadlines!! I think a change of setting was the catalyst I’ve been needing!

Add to this the sheer colourful energy of India, especially around Diwali when coloured lights seem to hang from every available space and firecrackers provide a constant annotation to the background music of the local restaurants, cafes and temples, and I’ve got tons of inspiration. I met a couple who were out here actually creating an exhibition to take back to London. Upon talking to them, I realised India is the perfect space to get creative and wondered why I hadn’t got round to sketching earlier. Round every corner someone is doing something exciting/idiotic/unique/crazy in a way that the UK cannot really offer. So artists, photographers, designers, get your butts over here. Looks like this blog might become even more of an eclectic mix in the meantime. Here’s a couple of photos of two watercolours I did today… the first is like a summary of my experience of India so far! I call it ‘Holi Cow’ ;). The second is of a baby camel I saw in the Bishnoi. I might attempt the Mehrangarh fort shortly. But for now, I hope you like them! Requests are welcome! After a few people have asked: Both are originals and not copies…

‘Holi Cow’ by Olivia Cooley 11/11/2012

‘Bishnoi Baby’ by Olivia Cooley 11/11/2012

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