Eid Mubarak, RIFF & Receptions

Post Wedding Pic

So tonight I went to Vicky’s wedding reception which was truly lovely! Although, like the idiot that I am, I forgot to take a camera. Not so clever. I’m afraid the only picture I have therefore is the one of myself above, in a contrived position attempting show me in my indian gear. Turns out no matter how fast you run away from the webcam in order to get a pic you will still always take a photo of your blurry back. Therefore, this will have to do.

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it many times again before I leave India, but Indian hospitality is absolutely second to none. Tonight was another shining example, as Vicky’s brother kindly came to pick us up on his motorbike (the only way to truly get around in Jodhpur) from the wedding reception as we were running late – watching fireworks from the fort once again – and needed to join the celebrations a couple of hours later than most. The part of town we were shipped off to turns out to be quite the wedding venue. Large wrought iron gates litter the edge of the main road acting as portals into a different wedding world. Women in colourful saris and small children with smudged eyeliner seem to weave in and out of such events, paying their respect inside each wrought iron gate before moving onto the next feast. Vicky’s party was no different, there was a whole range of food on offer, including of course the staples – gulab jamun becoming a firm favourite! – and the people were so accommodating. As Vicky’s new brother in law owned a guest house, there were actually a small group of ‘foreigners’ herded together and given mineral water to drink. People really do look after you here!

It made me think of another astonishing act of kindness by our favourite tuktuk driver last week. Last friday was Eid, meaning Abidd had the day off to celebrate. Despite holidays being a bit of a luxury, especially with how special Eid is to the muslim community, and the fact that really we are only some customers he picks up now and again, Abidd insisted we come round and share food with him. As part of  the traditions of Eid the family kill a goat which is then cooked and eaten. On a side note, a few nights before many goats suddenly appeared everywhere in Jodhpur for no apparent reason being walked around. I thought it was very sweet people took their goats for walks, how wrong I was. I’d never eaten goat before, so I was somewhat dubious as to what it would taste like. Report: IT TASTED AMAZING. I don’t feel so sorry for them now I have tasted goat curry. Definitely, the best meat both Will and I had the pleasure to consume in Jodhpur so far. “ACHAA!” Plus his family were so welcoming – my favourite part being the 3 little cousins who ran around in flashing BEN10 t-shirts and the 5 month old baby who loved to try and walk – the house being like a little community in itself. We sat on the rug in the centre and ate with our hands properly and I can honestly say it was one of the most touching moments of my time here. Geniunely heartwarming. Abidd then took us up to the roof where he has one of the best views of the fort imaginable, right at the foot of the descent. His father joined us for a little while and everyone was patient with our limited Hindi and limited english combinations. I loved every second of it. One of my highlights so far and such a kind thing for Abidd to do on his holiday. How many of christians would invite a customer into their home on Christmas day and feed them so handsomely? I have my doubts.

Anyway, back to Vicky’s celebrations. I think Will and I really felt quite sorry for the poor married couple who had to sit up there all evening! Their main job seemed to be taking multiple photographs with other people and getting videoed constantly it looked like exhausting work. I got told once again I looked like someone from Bollywood – its becoming more of a common occurrence – which is nice, but not so nice when people stare intently at you because of it. I understand it, but when a small group do it all at once it can become a bit intimidating! I met some very cool chaps however, from the Netherlands, Japan and of course England. One guy was planning to do a bike ride from Jodhpur to Pushkar which I think is an incredible idea. I’m not sure I’d do it myself, but sounds like an awfully big adventure if you ask me.

Another event I’ve completely omitted in my absenteeism from the blog these past few days (SORRY) was the Jodhpur RIFF – Rajhastani International Folk Festival –  which was mindblowing. I’ll have to devote a whole post to it if I’m going to do it justice as well as making sure I include some photographs, but my highlight was the fact that the Maharajah came and sat right behind me. Easily pleased.

Til then!

Liv xxx

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