So today has been a good day. I made a member of the Indian Royal family have a right old chuckle, looks like Will and I will be customising a Tuk-Tuk design in the next few days and Will introduced me to a very scrummy chicken joint on the main road. Win!  Its also the last night of navratri, so lots of people dancing with sticks everywhere. Odd win!

Most of today has been spent working on the upcoming event with lots of exciting developments (none of which I’m sure I have the liberty to divulge here) but I’ve spent lots of today drawing caricatures (an alternate career path maybe?!) and its all related. Looks random, but really isn’t! You’ll see when its all finished.

Sneaky Peek…

Going to bed very happy, even if our Indian neighbours have already said they’re going to pray for our souls because we ate chicken. When I get to Oz I’m pretty much doomed then 😉

Over and out x

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