One position at a time…


So 5 days in to my early yoga morning sessions and I’m still persevering! Getting up at 5.30am can be a bit of a chore, especially when you’ve been up half the night because you’ve eaten something dodgy, but every day I’m seeing small results which really make me very happy. I took the weekend off from the yoga sessions (I need to be able to sleep some time!) so was slightly worried that I’d revert back to square one, but it doesn’t seem that way!

One thing I’ve definitely overly proud of is my ability to do the lotus. In my last post relating to yoga I could only hold it for a measley amount of time until crying out in pain and having to stop, but today I manage to hold it for a respectable few minutes and sit properly, until cramp started to kick in and I had to unknot my legs pretty swiftly again. Hopefully by tomorrow I can hold it for a little bit longer, and then longer again and so on.

We’ve started holding the crab for longer in class too, which is exciting in its own very subdued way. I really struggled at first to get into it (one of those horrifying moments when you realise that something which used to come easily no longer does) but now I seem to be okay, even if I am more than ready to go back to the relaxation position by the time we’ve finished holding!

Some of the names of the positions are starting to stick in my head too, making getting in and out of them in time a lot better. All round, I am a very happy little amateur. Even if the progress is small, it helps me get up the next day!

My big mission? It’s kinda pathetic, but I seriously struggle to touch my toes properly, I want to be able to grab my big toe like Bharat does! If I can do that by the end of November, I will be ecstatic. Bharat insists in two weeks I’ll be able to do it, but we shall see. Until then, anyone got any tips?

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