What a scrummy day to be a ball president.

Isn’t it great when work requires you to taste test free amazing dessert?! 🙂

Alex, one of my very good friends and our lovely food rep on the ball committee, arranged a taste tasting with Kaelie Akaraskul from the Sweet tooth factory today. I like my chocolate, but it was truly incredible! Like, EXCEPTIONALLY good.

Kaelie makes all the cakes fresh on the day so that they taste their best and I can honestly say the hard work pays off. From the echoes of ‘oh my god’ and involuntary ‘mmmmmm….’s bouncing round the room, I don’t think I was the only one who was impressed. Apparently she studied furniture design at University, but her love of cakes and her talent for making them led her to make a business out of it, in what she called an attempt to ‘avoid getting a real job’! Ha. Definitely a great decision on her part. We’ve used Kaelie for Keble Ball before, her desserts being one of the highlights of last year’s food menu, but the sheer range of choice and flavours mean I could spend all day trying her food… Needless to say, we’re definitely getting her back again!

Cake Pops! Cake Pops!Banoffee, Chocolate and Raspberry cream shots Cake shots! All gone….. 🙂

Ahhhh, it’s been a hard day. 😉

Lots of Love
Liv xxx

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