Cocktails, Careers, India and Braveheart.


Okay, so after a few two many of these over a very good weekend, I’m back to work. Hello Blog! Hello Essays! Hello Ball management! I’m back after a small sojourn…

Despite leaving the cocktails behind me however, today has been an VERY good day!! I may have let out a small shriek of pure excitement as I sat and received an email from Charlie over at Neptune Funds this afternoon confirming that they wanted to become a sponsor for Keble Ball 2012. Not only that, but they wanted to give Keble a whopping £10,000 to become their lead sponsor. Obviously we jumped at the chance of working with Neptune! So excited (and slyly pretty proud of myself too). Needless to say, I was tempted to treat myself to some more cocktails! 😉

Good bit of progress on the Keble Ball front then. I like it when things fall into place so perfectly!!  But then onto the dreaded Curriculum Vitaes. I must admit, I’d let mine slip recently. And by slip, I mean I hadn’t updated it in a good 365 days…. EEK. With so much having happened in the meantime, its always a struggle to summarise what you see as your ‘professional life’ in a matter of bullet points. To add to my troubles, I’d also set myself the challenge of creating a graphic/creative CV in order to boost my chances in the highly competitive events industry. Some of the CV’s available online done in this way are incredible. Please see my earlier post below for some examples. Personally I think I’ve done a pretty good job so far (using word publisher anyway!) but I’ll let the world be the judge at a later date. It’s a bit of a gamble, but lets hope it pays off! There’s an internship in Australia that I want desperately for this summer, so I hope by showing I can be creative it’ll give me that extra edge.

Finally, I was SO happy today to discover my friends blog about her time in India via facebook. Ellie is on the internship I should be starting in the winter of 2012, so her posts are especially interesting from my perspective. She’s a really good writer, plenty of description without being boring and to be honest I’m sure I’d be fascinated either way. Check it out here, as well as the rest of her adventures.

Now, you may be thinking, where on earth does Braveheart come into this, and why?! Well, as I sit here writing this, I *may* be in Braveheart attire. *May* meaning I absolutely am. It’s my good friend Ali’s 21st in Magdalen tonight, and being Ali, he has decided to go for a very exciting and adventurous theme ‘Braveheart’. I have no doubt, especially with Ali around, it will be hilarious. Time to celebrate! 🙂

Liv xxx

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