VOGUE FNO hits Manchester!

Last night Vogue took over the streets of ‘Madchester’ for the first time as venue of Fashion’s Night Out and us Northerners got our glad rags on! #VFNO


As aptly summarised by the Telegraph fashion writer Kate Finnigan, it’s actually quite surprising this hasn’t happened before. We’ve produced not only many of fashion’s big names, both on and off the catwalk, but historically as a textiles superpower also most of the nation’s clothing! Although the latter may have dwindled of late, I’m pleased to say fashion is alive and well in the North of England. We may be a little more inclined to our fake tan than our Southern counterparts, but we aim as high as our heels when trying to impress. As Mancunian born and bred Henry Holland puts it, in t’North fashion has a bit more of a ‘peacock-ing’ element. Cue DJ’s, free alcohol, goodie giveaways and lots of very attractive well-dressed Mancunian ladies.





The retailers in Manchester city centre certainly didn’t let us down either. Pulling out all the stops, Selfridges was absolutely heaving, with male models on the door, lots of pop-up food stalls (crepes anyone?), temporary tattoos, a spray tan booth, CHANEL nail bar, oh and an absolutely massive Selfridges bag complete with mini photo studio so you could get your pics done.


06-IMG_8787Harvey Nick’s kept up with the competition, with a unique Pin-the-Ponytail-on-Karl-Lagerfeld game and lots of interviews to boot. I did however end up spending an age in Ted Baker, who had some wonderful illustrators working on free tote bags (I was too late!! They gave me pencil crayons instead – thanks Ted) and free icecream & G&T. What a combination!





Nipping over to Armani they had the Maccabees as DJs for the evening and a fully stocked freebie bar too. Boohoo.com pulled out all the stops with their incredible hot pink double decker bus (caught it on the motorway on the way home too) filled with lots of goodies and free makeovers also.



All in all, a really enjoyable evening! I think I speak for all of us when I say, Vogue, come back next year?

Over and out,

Liv xxx

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