Once Upon A Blog: She Wears Fashion.


A relatively new addition to my Bloglovin’ daily updates, the UK fashion blog She Wears Fashion is a fun and fresh way to keep up with the sartorial pursuits of pint-sized fashionista Kavita Donkersley from Sheffield (good ‘on ya lass!). Having temporarily lost her from the North to experience living in Munich and to generally conquer the fashion world, you can still keep up with her fashion updates via her blog or vlog on Youtube.

Kavita Donkersley, photo from www.shewearsfashion.com

Kavita Donkersley, photo from http://www.shewearsfashion.com

What is really nice about She Wears Fashion, apart from the author being from somewhere other than London of course, is actually how affordable the fashion picks are. Unlike many popular bloggers whose style decisions mean maxing out your overdraft or robbing a small bank in order to even attempt to keep up, She Wears Fashion is full of bargain finds, from Ebay to the local carboot with all of our high street favourites making regular cameo appearances. ‘Thrifty Thursdays’ also feature the best of the fashion finds at the lowest possible prices, score! Kavita’s writing style is really personable and easy to read too. The simple fact that she’s got such a huge following at the tender age of twenty is testament to how enjoyable She Wears Fashion is to keep up with.  Having started writing the blog at sixteen Kavita describes She Wears Fashion:

[as] primarily a place to express my interest toward vintage fashions and thrifted finds, but [which] has now expanded into outfits of the day and occasional beauty and lifestyle posts.

Rope in your little sis to take photos of said outfits and voila! You have a pretty interesting site to while away a few hours.

Love this outfit from Day 2 of SS/14 LFW. Photo property of SheWearsFashion.

Liv x

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