48 hours in Sydney – Part 3: An unexpected morning meetup!

Okay, so the fact that this post even exists makes the entire title of this little series obselete (it was, technically very incorrect in the first place but sounded better than 48 hours plus a few hours here and there in Sydney) as I actually had in fact a few more precious hours to burn in the glorious sunshine of NSW before boarding a plane to Bangkok. As Simon didn’t book any of his flights in advance, he has had to scramble around for cheapies wherever possible (while I get to revel in relative Emirates luxury for the same cost – thanks RTW flights!). This means that, despite us landing within 2 hours of one another, Simon’s flight left earlier in the morning at 10.55am whilst I did not have to fly until the afternoon. This gave me a good chunk of the day to do whatever I liked with! Unfortunately, most of this chunk was committed to completing the dreaded tax return and doing all the stuff I had neglected over the last few months in preparation for our departure. However, I did manage to steal away a few hours in the morning to have a last minute catch up with my lovely friend Emily over by the Quays, making it  a perfect end to a perfect few days!

Gorgeous Emily and her self titled 'Highlighter Jumper' at Sydney Opera Bar.

Gorgeous Emily and her self titled ‘Highlighter Jumper’ at Sydney Opera Bar.

Emily and I worked with one another a few years back and so we had lots to talk about. She’s so easy to talk to and so it didn’t matter we hadn’t seen one another in ages, we just had a good old natter! We headed down to the Sydney Opera Bar for drinks and a treat (I was good and went for a fruit salad, but Emily’s chocolate mousse looked much yummier, below) before exploring the very gorgeous Botanical Gardens next door (another box ticked for my list!).

Emily's Chocolate Mousse.

Emily’s yummy chocolate mousse from the Sydney Opera Bar.

Completely free to the public, the Park looked positively glowing in the morning sunshine and I think we both could have happily laid there all day.

Sydney Botanical Gardens.

Sydney Botanical Gardens.

Sydney Opera House - Most photogenic building ever? View from the Park.

Sydney Opera House – Most photogenic building ever? View from the botanical gardens.

Unfortunately, travel plans beckoned and I had to dash off to complete my 101 jobs to do. Still however, a lovely end to a very lovely trip. I’m not sure whether the Aussies have a G’day equivalent for goodbye so I’m going to say a very northern ta’ra to Sydney and Australia for now. After a taste of the east coast I’m sure I’ll be back at some point in future, so until next time Oz!

(Boxes Ticked: Sydney Opera Bar, Botanical Gardens).

Over and out amigos,

Liv xxx

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