Arty Surprises in Freo

Fremantle always has something a tad arty going on, whether at the Performing Arts Centre or installations popping up all around town. This weekend was the Street Arts Festival, seeing some of the world’s best performers fly in to rock Freo’s streets. However I’m still absolutely in love with this temporary street art. Basically its a big pretend puddle (I’m still four at heart guys) with a projector overhead, so that when you walk through it makes splashing noises. The look of confusion from those who walk right on through and hear water crashing on them from overhead with no idea where its coming from is priceless.Aptly named ‘The Puddle’ by Jager Studio, it’s part of the Arcardia Project, which also includes a big pixelated cloud hanging over the high street. So simple but brilliant enough that I thought I would share it.

Much love xxx


Splish Splash Splosh.


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