Watch out India: The Dawes has landed.

Having landed on Monday, it’s high time there was a guest blog by my partner in crime and pretty much everything else, Simon. I’ve been pretty quiet these last few days playing tour guide, eating lots of Indian sweeties and watching swarms of locals compliment Simon on his physique (“Salman Khan, Nice Bodyyyy”), so I’ll leave him to enlighten you on our happenings. Being the genius that he is, he also bought an SLR to document our travels, making the job a whole lot easier. 🙂


So I’ve been here for 4 days. And haven’t had chance to stop for breath. Until now. Then up at 5am tomorrow to go and see more forts, along with the second longest wall in the world (damn you China). I think a blow by blow account in pictures may be the best way to describe my stay so far as the hustle bustle of daily life in Jodhpur has most definitely taken it’s toll on me. In the best possible sense. Enjoy.

Loving life in India 2k12

Whats red and can’t swim..That’s right. A fort.

Do you catch Gandhi's drift?

Do you catch Gandhi’s drift?


Mural at a Shrine


Bhanu’s paradise.

Indian Flags at the Fort

Indian Flags at the Fort

Inside Yogis Guest house Jodhpur

Inside Yogis Guest house Jodhpur

In Jodhpur the shops come to you...

Who needs internet shopping? In Jodhpur the shops come to you…


I take no prisoners.


Livvy admiring me, my food and her food. Typical.

Time for a dip?

Time for a dip?



Camels need public transport too

He couldn’t afford the fare.

4 responses to “Watch out India: The Dawes has landed.

    • Hi Toemailer,
      Thanks for reading! 🙂
      By top picture do you mean the cover photograph or the first one of the fort? I’m happy for you to use it if you like! Mind me asking the context first?

  1. The one of the fort. We just like posting travel pictures and that one seems to fit the criteria, at least one toe showing, pretty good. Will let you know when it’s posted.

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