Chapati 101: It’s My Chapati and I’ll Cry If I Want To

 Chapati, Roti, whatever you want to call it, the disc of flat bread which can go with anything and everything here is an Indian food staple. Forget all that Naan business, Roti is the original boss. To such a point that, its basically pointless me explaining how to make Palak or Dal without it. It may sound idiotic now I know how simple they are to make, but before I got to India I didn’t have the slightest clue how to make a roti and would have probably died a little inside if you had asked me. When I told Manju she needed to show me, she looked puzzled and  honestly said : ‘But what do you eat in England?! Just Rice?’. In an effort to save myself and our nation from this doomed fate, I therefore made making a chapati number one on my Indian cooking mission. If I can do it, you can too! Here’s a very quick post on how to make a roti…

Chapati / Roti


Plain Flour


Cooking Time: 2 mins. If that.

Step One: Get a large dish and sieve some flour onto it. Add some table spoons of water and begin to knead, adding flour and water as necessary until you have a mound of dough.

Step Two: Take a small chunk of dough and make into a ball using the palms of your hands.

Step Three: Sprinkle some flour onto a chopping board or your worktop and flatten out the ball using a rolling pin.

Step Four: Keep flipping the flattened dough in the flour so it doesn’t stick and roll in circular motions – roll and then rotate, roll and then rotate, until you have a circle. Don’t make the disc too thin!

Step five: Put onto a small frying pan on high heat for around seconds or so. Flip and do the same for the other side.

Step Six: Remove the pan and put the chapati directly onto the gas using tongs so that it rises. Flip

Step Seven: Take off the gas and put on the side to cool.

Repeat as you like!

As Manju would say: ‘Ea-gy!’


2 responses to “Chapati 101: It’s My Chapati and I’ll Cry If I Want To

  1. you forgot step 8: smother it in butter, ghee or some other form of gratuitously unhealthy substance, ‘to stop them sticking together’ – ha. have you done rekha’s cooking course yet? the unashamed lump of butter in the lassi was another similar ‘oh god, really?!’ moment… especially after an 8-hour car journey from Jaipur with food poisoning!

    • Haha, I considered writing it and then thought to let others make their own unhealthy decisions! Manju does one extra thick chapati where she puts butter inside…. its like a croissant and a chapati meet! They put BUTTER in Lassis?! Oh my. Everything here is so deceiving! Although saying that I once tasted a mango one in Haveli and concluded I must have consumed so much sugar. No I’m due to do it soon, she needs to find a time when there’s enough other people that we can make up the numbers 🙂 I have avoided the dreaded food poisoning so far… but you have my sympathies!! Currently battling off a chest infection – fun times!

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