Rise and Shine…

This morning was my first experience of getting up early to do yoga, and I think I loved it! I’m a complete novice, my reasoning being ‘why not’-esque in approach, but at least I’m willing!

Unfortunately for me, my body was definitely not willing to begin with however. My alarm had not gone off at 5.45am (or at least, not loud enough to drown out the constant humming of my mammoth air-con unit) and so I awoke to a knock on the door from Es and my new yoga teacher. Quickly I scrambled up and grabbed my things, ready to start a yoga session on the rooftop of Achal Niwas. Not the most Zen start to the day!

Once on the rooftop however, I really appreciated the effort of getting up before the sunrise. This was the quietest I had ever heard Jodhpur, the only noise being the other early risers who had gotten up to do Yoga on their own respective rooftops. Our teacher, Bharat Singh, was clearly used to such an early start however and swiftly began welcoming the sunrise. As he chanted, we copied (having no idea what we were saying naturally – or at least not yet) and it was strangely pleasing to hear all my joints click in and out of place as we stretched. As there were only two of us being taught, Bharat corrected our postures and helped us with our breathing often, which was very good. It is surprising how hard something that looks just like stretching can really be! Yoga is much more about core strength than I think I realised, and everything has to be held for some time! Some of the positions were harder than others – one I found particularly difficult was lying on the ground flat, lifting your head, shoulders and feet into the air, grabbing your heels and lifting your hips and upper body off the ground so that you make a kind of crescent shape – but I really enjoyed the movement and didn’t feel dizzy or lightheaded at all. Of course, this lesson was pretty simple, but one step at a time!

We did Yoga for an hour, whilst the sun rose over the tops of Jodhpur. It’s strange, but there’s something very satisfying about watching the day start! Add to this how cool it is in Jodhpur that time of morning and you have a recipe for bliss. I’ve got to admit, I’m definitely no where near being a yogi any time soon, plus I get so easily distracted by everything around me (one of my thoughts this morning just consisting of ‘wow, the sun and the moon at the same time’ or just ‘is that a fly?!’) but hopefully the chitterchatter will die down with practice!

Over and out x

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