Anant Chaturdashi

Today was the end of the Ganesha festival and possible the most fun I’ve had in India so far. Meeting up with the people who had been at the party the night before, Will and I decided to join them in making a procession down to the lake with their Ganesha. Armed with red, orange and yellow paint, we were both covered in colour in next to no time. So vibrant were the festivities that the pictures will probably serve better than any words ever could. All the way down the lake people continued to join the procession with their own Ganesha’s, banging drums, chanting loudly, honking horns and blasting out bollywood tunes from their cars, trucks and tractors. We even had the honour of carrying the Ganesha ourselves! The mood was so electric I quickly joined in the front of the parade and the dancing, much to the entertainment of many tourists who had gathered to watch.  The streets were jampacked with people and every thing about it insisted you dance. So dance I did! Once at the Lake, we submerged our Ganesha with the others and reluctantly returned home. Until we were roped in into other peoples processions of course! As the only foreigners appearing to participate fully (plus looking like we’d jumped in paint) we made quite the spectacle!


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