“Suprabhaat Jodphur!”

“Good morning Jodphur!” – So it is now my second day in Jodphur and I sit writing this on the little shaded patio by my room, as it is much cooler than being inside, aircon or no aircon! The only addition is I now get stared at by my neighbours next door, but fair enough! If I was Indian I might stare too… 🙂

So today I got woken up in the best of ways! A large (and what I can only assume) wedding procession was taking place on the street outside, and lots of people were banging drums and singing along as they walked through the streets of the blue city (accompanied by the usual beeping of horns too of course!). I slept extremely well even if just a bit longer than I would have liked – jetlag can do this to you! – and best of all I didn’t get bitten once during the night! Hooray!

Today was my first experience of perhaps not having all the amenities you would be used to at home. I went to turn on the shower to find… it didn’t work. I then figured out why I have a bucket and jug in my bathroom and continued to wash myself in an old school fashion… It didn’t bother me at all though if I’m honest, it was quite fun and reminded me of having baths when I was little and pouring the water over my head, remember that?!  I then found a lovely surprise once I’d left the bathroom – I have a new addition to my room in the form of a lizard I have aptly named Simon! My new Indian pet who likes to eat flies. Perfect! 😉

I ate my lunch at the Raas again and headed back to the marketplace to explore. Wiki had returned to his stall and said hello again, to which I explained where I was going and asked if there is anything I should or shouldn’t do while I went inside to the clocktower square. He taught me some Hindi ‘choro muje’ which basically means ‘leave me alone’ and told me to say it to anyone who was bothering me and advised I didn’t let myself be ushered into any houses or homes in case I was robbed. Luckily, I didn’t have any problems with this at all (although it was good of him to tell me just incase!) and saw some fellow Europeans on a wander too, so I didn’t feel unsafe which is good considering as a single female you can often feel unsafe even in parts of the UK!

The market is wonderful – very busy but full of lots of beautiful wares and the women here wear the most exquisitely colourful saris! I must get one before I leave ! I didn’t stick around for too long – I was simply wanting to walk around for a bit – but I love the fact that all the families who run the stalls stay together, mum, dad, sons, daughters and babes! When the other interns arrive I’d like to go back and explore a bit further (they arrive on tuesday and wednesday) but until then I’m exploring in baby steps! I have lots of time so there’s no hurry!

Raamsingh taught me some more Hindi when I returned ‘jaao!’ which means ‘go away’ or ‘you go away’ incase I do get any trouble and gave me some mineral water for my room. I thanked him and told him he needs to teach me some nice Hindi too otherwise no-one will want to talk to me! 🙂

So day 2 so far is also a big success and I am feeling more and more comfortable in my new surroundings. Like I said, I’m taking it one step at a time but I think I’m falling in love with Jodphur already! My friend Laura has two degus as pets and there are lots of them running up and down walls like squirrels here, so I have decided she would like it too! Tomorrow is my first day of work and I work from 10 til 6, so that should keep me nice and busy! Til then!

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