The Big GY – Gap Yah.


Okay, so I have severely neglected my blog of late.. and facebook.. and twitter.. and poor old Pinterest is practically packing its bags for the graveyard it’s feeling so abandoned. But no more my friends, no more – it’s time I started recording everything and anything to do with my year away, which is very very exciting indeed!

So while I’ve been crazybusy trying to organise everything, I’ve decided I want to try and package what I’ve learnt and make a little post about each bit. Deciding to up and move your life around endlessly for a year can certainly have its complicated moments, and, if like me, this is your first experience of doing any travelling on such a grand scale, hopefully some of the info will be useful – or at least – help you spark some debate about what you do or don’t need for your year away!

So watch out for some posts on travelling amongst my usual bric-a-brac of event planning experiences, bits of creative genius I love, inspirational videos and general rants. Starting from…… Now. 🙂

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