New Social Media? – Yes please.

So the new big thing everyone is talking about seems to be Pinterest. Proclaimed as ‘for 2012 what Tumblr was for 2011’ by the fashionista India Knight, I’ve gotta admit, I’m pretty interested. ANOTHER social media website I hear you cry? Never fear, this one’s slightly different and its creativity and fun is irresistible. Even Mark Zuckerberg’s joined.

Pinterest []

So what’s it about? The website works on the principle of ‘pinning’ what you like to your social pinboard, drawing on our love for collecting and organising ‘stuff’. You can name your pinboard (‘funny pictures of cats’ probably being the first big hit) and create an interactive montage/collage which can then be commented upon, re-pinned, discussed and even ‘liked’ on Facebook. The sites main users at the moment are women (surprise surprise) but Pinterest boasted an impressive 11 million unique users in January. Launched in March 2010, its probably only going to grow further.

I’m predicting that this website is going to be HUGE for the creative industry. Photographers can exhibit their work on a social pinboard, fashion designers can create moodboards of inspirations and designs and journo’s can even pin clippings of their favourite articles. Businesses are surely going to be soon to follow. Why not pin your favourite high street fashion product to your Pinterest? Wow. Look how many other people want to buy this etc etc. A cool, fun and quirky idea, watch this space! I’m awaiting my invite.

Join the waiting list at In the meantime, you can check out some pins!

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