Introduction to Love. Laugh. Liv.

To be quite honest, I’m not sure how I should start this. I’ve never had a blog before. How should I greet you fellow blogger/reader/fan/myself? Do I even greet you at all? Well it seems like the polite thing to do, but every time I try to write it, I find myself sounding like an American game show host, my voice taking an altogether Californian tone: ‘Hello and welcome to the LIV show’. No, my British brain tells me, that won’t do AT ALL. You’re not American and your teeth don’t seem to emit a blindingly pearly white radiation. So I won’t introduce myself, or say anything cringe-worthy (for now), but simply tell you what I hope this blog will be all about. Which, right now, is all my experiences of the people I encounter, things I see, events I attend / organise and the things that I find really inspiring. Or exciting. Or just plain random. We all love the randomness. The opportunities and golden nuggets that life gives us, whether it be a great conversation, or just a coincidence that captures my imagination. Enjoy. 

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